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Powering Our Economy.
Strengthening Our Communities.

We are in a unique moment in our history. A moment of great challenges and even greater opportunities

Pennsylvania is poised to lead in this moment.

We will lead the way toward a new energy future that places our workers, families, businesses and communities at the forefront of a new innovation-driven economy. At Energy Future PA, we support common-sense, solution-driven actions that place Pennsylvanians first.

Since our founding as a Commonwealth, Pennsylvania has led in every significant economic boom – from the coal mines that fueled the industrial revolution to the steel mills that built our modern cities to the transition to natural gas. And now Pennsylvania once again has the opportunity to lead our new energy future. This is OUR moment.

JOIN US and be part of the new energy future in Pennsylvania

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage the power of WE to make Pennsylvania the leader in a new energy future for our nation and the global economy – a future that places people first, powers our new economy and strengthens our communities.

Our Partners

Pennsylvania Environmental Council

Members of the coalition operate independently – each with its own mission, goals and priorities. While members are united in supporting the mission of Energy Future PA, their participation in the coalition may or may not represent their endorsement of specific positions taken or statements made by the coalition.

We Are Educators

Our Future

Pennsylvania is poised to lead a new energy future that places people, businesses and communities first.

At Energy Future PA, we support innovation-driven solutions that will help power our economy, preserve good-paying jobs, and strengthen our communities.

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to our energy needs. Instead, we support an inclusive portfolio of affordable and reliable technology solutions. These solutions include:

This is OUR Moment!

Together, WE can make history and drive innovation-solutions to our energy needs – powering our economy and strengthening our communities.

We Believe in a new energy future that places Pennsylvanians first

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