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A bipartisan take: Comprehensive energy development is smart economic development 

By: Eugene DePasquale and Kate Harper, Co-chairs, Energy Future PA 

There are few things more predictable than partisan talking points – especially in an election year. It is commonly expected that Republicans and Democrats will take oppositional positions on the major issues of the day. 

But that does not always need to be true. There are some areas in which both parties can find common ground. One of those areas is the economy. Democrats and Republicans alike want Pennsylvania’s economy to thrive – for businesses, workers and families. And they largely agree that investments in economic development are a wise investment for residents and taxpayers of the commonwealth. 

It is with that general philosophical agreement in mind that we applaud Governor Josh Shapiro for his goal of investing in an all-of-the-above, technology-inclusive energy strategy that would boost jobs and the economy while also reducing emissions.  

While we recognize there may be real differences in the details of the plan, we would encourage our elected leaders in Harrisburg to focus on the broader goal on which we can all agree – making Pennsylvania a national and global leader in the new energy economy.  

Energy Future PA is an intentionally nonpartisan coalition led by intentionally bi-partisan co-chairs. One of us is a Democrat, and one of us is Republican. But we are Americans and Pennsylvanians first. 

That’s where our collective focus needs to be – on developing commonsense solution-driven energy policies that put Pennsylvanians first. And it’s why we continue to support a comprehensive energy strategy that powers our economy and strengthens our communities – including our rich natural energy endowments, as well as renewables and low-to-zero-carbon fuel sources such as clean hydrogen, advanced nuclear energy, and carbon capture and storage technologies. 

Now is the time to put away the partisan talking points.  

Because comprehensive energy development is smart economic development. And smart economic development is what will place Pennsylvanians first. 

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